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Hello, please, you can advise me on what I should do with my situation. I gave an advance of 1 month and 2 months deposit for the house in which we have to move, but decided not to rent the house, because according to some measures of the room 85% of our property does not match. It`s been a week since we gave them the money with a single confirmation that they received it, we haven`t really signed the contract yet, since we haven`t moved yet. Our move plan is the 22nd and 25th of this month. The agent says the owner gives the one-month deposit to the supervisor and returns it only 19ks. According to Philippine rent laws, is this the right thing to do? Pls, counselor. Thank you for your time. 8. FORCE MAJEURE: If all or part of the rented premises are destroyed or damaged by fire, flooding, lightning, typhoon, earthquakes, storms, riots or any other unforeseen disturbance of God`s actions, in order to render the rented premises significantly unfit for use and occupation of the LESSEE for the duration of the life, this lease can be terminated in writing by THE LESSOR or by LESSEE without compensation. If the tenant is still in the unit 15 days after the expiry of the tenancy agreement, neither party has been informed in advance that the contract has been renewed, but with another deadline set by the courts. Sign a lease – Once you have approved your client, you must consult the rental terms in writing via a Condo lease form.

The form allows you to enter the terms of the rental agreement, the rental, the deposit, the parking lot, the utilities, the pets, etc. All parties must sign and date the agreement for it to be valid. Hello! We have just received a subpoena today from the Barangay lupon, our landlord having filed a complaint against us for the unpaid electricity bill (which led to the separation) and the unpaid rent. My situation is this, we have a deposit of 2 months and a month in advance to the owner, but later in September we were not able to pay for the month until Ocotber. That`s why we decided to change houses by the end of November. We have informed the owner that we will only pay the September balance of 1,500 in the months of October and November of 4,000 (monthly). If that is the case, we still have an additional 2,500 euros. Is that legal? We do not have a formal contract or at all. And on the electricity bill, we promised to pay him this weekend his sweldo and the owner did not respond or anything. It is only now that we discover that he has filed a complaint with barangay. My questions are: is it normal to pay our rent this way? Isn`t it a thing to come before the brgy tonight?s please help me.

asap in. Thank you very much! c.In case where rented premises are emptied or abandoned without written notification prior to THEORS for a period of thirty (30) days.

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