does this sound familiar?


Do you ever feel like you spend most of your day nagging or reminding about chores and other responsibilities?

Have you ever felt defeated and lost about kids procrastinating or downright refusing to help?

Do you feel that too many of your interactions with your child are reprimanding, asking, or correcting, and that you don’t get enough positive interactions that build your relationship?

I have felt this way, too.

A few years ago, I felt so overwhelmed about chores.

My kids hated them.

I hated them.

I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know what to do. I had already tried so many different types of chores charts and truly felt that nothing in this world could motivate my kids!

About 5 years ago, my husband came up with an idea that we spent the next couple of years refining.

It made our children the boss of their own chores, and completely changed their attitudes–and ours.

But more importantly, it transformed our relationships.

One day I realized my nagging had stopped, and that most of my interactions with my children had become peaceful and loving.

There was a different feeling in our home. 



The system that allows your child to be the boss of their contributions to family chores.

It might sound crazy, but a few simple shifts in how you think about chores can help you eliminate drastically reduce (they’ll still be kids!) the whining, the procrastination, and the frustration, yet everything still gets done.

Give your children the gift of confidence in their responsibilities while creating more connection and peace in your home.

what's included

professionally designed printables for easy implementation.


  • Birds-eye view

  • 56 Kanban-style responsibility cards

  • Executive Function helpers

  • Chore training

  • daily Check-off cards

  • impulse control cards

13 audio lessons on the agency-based method  

These life-changing audio lessons are broken into concise, easy-to-consume bites you can listen to over and over. Accessible from your phone or computer.

Lesson 1

What this system can do for you

Lesson 2

why agency based?

Lesson 3

how kanban gamifies chores

Lesson 4

effective chore training

Lesson 5

the chore draft

Lesson 6

executive function, a.d.d., and the missing link

Lesson 7

creating positive momentum

Lesson 8

the daily checkoff

Lesson 9

“It’s your day!” The secret to never getting behind on laundry or bedrooms

Lesson 10

Family Economy Philosophy

Lesson 11

What About Allowance?

Lesson 12

could I ever get my kid to enjoy chores?

Lesson 13

putting it all together



are you ready for your kids to have…  

Less overwhelm

Less fighting

Less entitlement


More confidence

More teamwork

More gratitude 


How long will it take?

The bite-sized audio lessons all add up to about 75 minutes. It will take a couple of hours to print and laminate everything, but once it is set up, this entire system only takes about 15 minutes per week to maintain (not including training your kids on how to scrub the toilet. 😉)

How long will I have access?

Forever. You can download the audio lessons on two (2) devices in your household, so that you can listen to them for a refresher whenever you need them. You will also have lifetime access to the templates and printables.

Can I Share This Course?

Both you and your spouse may have access to the course, and it is highly recommended to have both parents listen and bring your gifts together to create a system that works for your family culture. Sharing your login information with those outside your household is strictly prohibited. If you want to share Agency-Based Chores with others, I would so appreciate you posting about it on social media and tagging @happyathomeschool so that I can see.

What is the refund policy?

You are eligible for a refund if you have not accessed any of the audio course modules beyond the first module. Refund requests must be received within fourteen (14) days of purchasing the course.

printable vs. course  

You CAN purchase a download of the chore cards alone. They’re pretty fun and really cute, but they’re just another pretty chore chart. If all you need is chore cards to make a cute chore chart with, purchase the printable below.

But the magic behind this system is in the philosophy. It is a simple yet profound paradigm shift that made all the difference in our family. I’m so excited for you to experience it, too!  

Please note: buying the full Agency-Based Chores system includes all the printable downloads. You don’t need to purchase both!

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