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The ADMINISTRATION of the UNF will organize a meeting with the AFSCME on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 13:00 to 15:00 for a reopening agreement. The meeting will take place on Zoom. Please contact Daniel Nicolas at for more information. Jaguars Running Back Leonard Fournette disagreed with a 17th game, and Jaguars player representative Calais Campbell gave him a thumbs up in the Pro Bowl. Negotiations are ongoing, but there is no date for the next negotiation meeting between UFF-UNF and bot. If both sides do not approve the new CBA, they will find themselves in an impasse, meaning the decision will be judged by an impartial judge. The following links include the collective agreements between the university and the respective unions, which represent different employees of the university: owners who have a 17. Playing as part of a new collective bargaining agreement proposal, don`t care about the safety of the players, and frankly not the fans. The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) continues to negotiate salary increases for the UNF faculty after another bargaining meeting of its collective agreement (CBA) on January 8. The January 8 meeting was mostly composed of non-economic items and the board had no counter-proposal to address the issue of wages. Chapter 447, the Florida Statutes, provides for collective bargaining by public employees. The majority of our support staff is currently represented by the U.S. Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

University police personnel are currently represented by the Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA). Faculty members are represented by the United Faculty of Florida (UFF). Thank you for joining us for our Faculty Rights Forum! Here is the PowerPoint that highlights your rights under the contract and influences the MOUs to negotiate. FACULTY RIGHTS Like the rest of the world, UFF-UNF continues to observe the effects of the novel coronavirus. In March 2020, UNF converted all spring and summer 2020 courses on campus to online/distance learning, limiting on-campus activities to essential services. UFF-UNF continues to work towards the transparency of higher education policy towards the faculty. UFF-UNF thus continues the negotiation meetings that lead to various important agreements to support the rights of the faculty.

Below is a summary of UFF-UNF`s activities in the context of the pandemic: Covid response of the union BOT members have changed since then, and the UNF has a new president and Propst participating in the negotiations, which has complicated the problem with the new faces. . . .

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