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In accordance with UN procedures, Member Countries inform the Organization that agreements have been signed. Registration at the United Nations does not mean that the international body has to approve an agreement, in this case the agreement between Turkey and the Libyan Government of National Unity. There is no authorisation mechanism in this context. Turkey`s military support for the Tripoli government concerns regional energy issues, ideology or geopolitics. On November 28, 2019, Ankara also concluded a maritime agreement with Libya with Libya to strengthen its claims in the Eastern Mediterranean, along with the approval of a defense agreement that saves lives for the Libyan GNA. The agreement created an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that cuts off the Greek and Cypriot maritime zones and their interests, in violation of international law. Ankara then submitted the agreement to the UN for registration to protect its rights from unilateral and illegal activities by other countries and international companies. The internationally recognized government of Libya and Turkey have signed an agreement on maritime borders in the Mediterranean that could complicate Ankara`s disputes over energy exploration with other countries. . .


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