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Read both carefully before signing your rental commitment. The lessor`s obligations are defined by the conditions contained in the rental agreement and by the laws applicable to the location of the land. The main obligation of the owner is to allow the tenant to use the property for peaceful purposes. It is an offence not to deliver some of these items within 28 days of the start of the rental. Where a surety is subject to the dispute settlement mechanism, the role of the adjudicator is to render an arbitral award on the basis of evidence submitted by both parties. In all disputes, the first proof an adjudicator needs is the lease. Forget it, and your claim will most likely fail at the first hurdle. To support an owner`s claim, the adjudicator expects a clause in the lease agreement that relates specifically to the surety and describes the reasons for the withholding. It is therefore very important that members regularly check their leases to ensure that they have covered everything they wish to claim. Signing incentives are the bonuses that the lessor grants to the tenant, usually for signing a lease or signing a fixed-term lease agreement. You can include a free monthly rent or a rent reduction for the months of temporary rental. If the tenant violates the rental agreement, he must normally reimburse these incentives.

The general rental conditions are a lease between you and us. You are the tenant and we are your landlord. We both have rights and duties to respect. A guarantor or guarantor is a person who agrees to pay losses directly to the landlord if the tenant is unable to pay the rent or violates the rental agreement. The rental agreement establishes the responsibility for a right to the deposit and, once this request is met, further evidence is needed to base claims on the deterioration of the property, cleanliness or rent arrears. As a general rule, the adjudicator needs supporting evidence such as full signed inventory, registration and registration reports, dated photo/video evidence, invoices, rental invoices; as well as any other documented correspondence between the parties that supports the claims invoked. . . .

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