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As with any product, service agreements are subject to inflationary price increases. If you buy one now, you can lock yourself in at a reasonable price. If you are using the benefits of the subaru Added Security when you purchase the vehicle, you can include the fee in your monthly financing or your lease payment. In addition, you have ebilized, in addition to the basic warranty of the factory, for example.B. Car rental, accommodation and reimbursement of meals for necessary warranty repairs in case of travel. Your plan may even include a roadside emergency service for a start-up, gas delivery, tire change, locksmith service and lost key calling. It can also include computerized travel routing for up to 7 years. There are some unique cover elements as part of the expanded subaru warranty that you don`t see very often. This includes: Now that you understand Subaru warranties and how protection best serves them, it`s time to decide if you need the coverage. In summary, an advanced subaru warranty may be just for you though: To be sure that the extended service contract you buy will do what you need, make sure it is a real Subaru product.

Ask them to see a recent example of the agreement and read carefully through. Serious companies are happy to provide you with one. Don`t be fooled by unusual brochures. If you`re ready to buy the best extended service contract for your new Subaru, click on the comparisons on extended service contracts. The comparison form can be printed for reference when discussing service contract details with your dealer or financing institution. If your plan includes roadside support, the Cross Country Motor Club will send you a separate package that will provide you with a free 24-hour emergency phone number to call, as well as detailed information on the many other services available to you. The most important warranty to consider is the limited warranty for new vehicles, also known as bumper bumper coverage. This warranty applies to almost all mechanical or electrical parts of your Subaru. If it expires, an extended warranty may intervene and offer similar coverage. If you`re considering an extended warranty for your Subaru, time isn`t exactly on your side. However, it is worth taking a minute and receiving offers from a few different suppliers.

Call and receive offers to compare the extended subaru warranty side by side with third-party leader options in order to find the plan with the best value. The extended subaru warranty applies to vehicles after mechanical failures up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. The Added Security program is available for every Subaru vehicle, but there is a key requirement. Your car must be inside the Subaru factory warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles. 1. What is the most important thing I need to know about an extended service contract? Subaru vehicles generally have a good reputation for longevity, so you`ll probably want to drive your Subaru for a long time.

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