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For the purposes of this Procedural Directive, `personal electronic device` means any device belonging to a pupil that communicates, sends, receives, stores, reproduces or indicates communications or voice and/or text data. These include mobile phones, pagers, smartphones, music and media players, gaming devices, tablets, laptops, and personal digital assistants. Albuquerque Public Schools use different methods to ensure that students are protected when using the Internet, including, but not limited to, filtering websites. Albuquerque Public Schools must comply with the Federal Internet Protection Act (CIPA) for Children to allay fears about accessing offensive content via the Internet to school and library computers. The Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks. While this creates new opportunities for learning, research, communication, and cooperation, it also creates new responsibilities for students in Albuquerque Public Schools. Albuquerque Public Schools provides their students with computer technology resources for educational purposes. The objective of making these resources available is to promote educational excellence. The use of Albuquerque Public School`s technological resources is granted to students to improve education-related functions. Individuals who use the Albuquerque Public School network must consent to monitoring. As a parent or legal guardian, I read Albuquerque Public Schools and spoke with my child. I understand that computer access is provided for educational purposes in accordance with the academic objectives of Albuquerque Public Schools and that the use by students for other purposes is inappropriate. I recognize that it is impossible for Albuquerque public schools to restrict access to all inappropriate materials, and I will not blame the school for materials purchased from the school system.

I authorize my child to use technology resources in Albuquerque Public Schools. Access to the network and the Internet is an educational tool. Albuquerque Public Schools reserves the right to monitor, verify, copy, verify and store the use of the computer network and Internet access as well as any information transmitted or received in connection with such use, at any time and without notice. All such information files are and will remain the property of Albuquerque Public Schools and no student should expect privacy with respect to these materials. I understand and will follow the rules of the Albuquerque Public School and the acceptable use of technology. I will use the technology resources of Albuquerque Public Schools productively and responsibly for academic purposes. I will not use the technology resources in a way that would be inconvenient or harm other users. I understand that the consequences of my actions could include a possible loss of computer privileges and/or measures of academic discipline and/or prosecution under national and federal law.

I understand that the administrators of albuquerque public schools believe what behavior is inappropriate if such behavior is not stipulated in this agreement. Students may not disclose their full name or any other personal contact information on the Internet for any purpose. Personal contact information includes address, telephone or school address. Students may not disclose or publish personal information about themselves or others who disclose their privacy. Students should inform their teacher or other school staff of any message they receive that is inappropriate or that they feel uncomfortable. Students should not delete the message until a staff member asks them to do so. . . .

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