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The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a leading provider of community support services and has supported disadvantaged people in NSW for more than 130 years. Our employees reach the weakest in our community through our vinnies conferences, special works and stores. Society`s mission is to build a fairer and more compassionate society by offering a hands up approach to those in need who respect their dignity, our hope and encourage them to take control of their own destiny. Our union was recently informed by Ozcare that the decision has been made to transfer Ozcare`s social integration services to Paul Society Queensland`s St. Vincent. We understand that this transition will directly affect our members who work in these services. Recent studies have shown that young people are increasingly exposed to work-life balance and considerable cost-of-living pressures. They already face prohibitive housing, precarious work, limited access to social security and a low level of educational assistance. Student poverty has increased over the past decade and nearly two-thirds of university students live below the poverty line.

Reducing penalty interest will only increase this pressure. The St. Vincent de Paul Society has professional development strategies to ensure that your career continues to grow while you work with us. In addition, we believe in family, which is why we are happy to offer a family environment in which we can work. The role is reported to the manager of the Regional Distribution Centre (DC) – North West. Click here for a copy of the position description. Ozcare and St. Vincent of Paul Society Queensland have committed to ensuring that all affected employees are offered on-the-go employment on no less favourable terms than with Ozcare.

There is no reliable evidence that a reduction in penalty interest rates will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Modelling by the McKell Institute shows that any reduction in penalty interest rates is expected to result in a significant decline in the regional and rural economy, where nearly one in five workers is employed in hotels and restaurants or retail. In addition to reducing the wages of all workers affected by the penalty interest changes by a total of $667 million, modelling shows that the impact on regional communities will be significant. The decrease in labour disposable income will reduce spending on local businesses, while at the same time, it is estimated that $289.5 million will be transferred from regional economies, as local businesses do not relocate labour cost savings elsewhere. This will hurt small businesses and local businesses, slow employment growth in regions that, in many cases, are already facing high unemployment, and exacerbate the disadvantages already experienced in regional Australia. We employ more than 2,500 people across Australia in everything from social workers and healthcare professionals to IT and branch managers. The St. Vincent de Paul Society offers packaging to its employees.

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