My lifelong passion for learning has guided me down many pathways. I’m a holistic nutritionist, aromatherapist, herbalist, birth doula, and energy medicine nerd. We don’t live on a big farm, but we are working to utilize every inch of our half-acre homestead to provide real food and products for our family, with excess to share. We continually add small-batch, high quality products our family produces to this farm shop. Thank you for supporting our small business! 🖤

wild yeast start

The natural pioneer yeast I use to make bread is incredibly robust and happy. It builds bread with amazing texture and structure. I’ve never used a more successful wild yeast. From my wannabe imaginary “farm” to yours, this yeast can serve your family for generations to come! 
$12.00 and free shipping.

finnish viili yogurt start

The easiest and most delicious way to make homemade yogurt, in a self-sustainable way! This ancient Finnish yogurt start is bursting with probiotic happiness and makes a light and sweet tasting yogurt in just a few hours on your counter. No equipment necessary. Full instructions are included with your start. 
$14.00 and free shipping.

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