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The adoption of a drainage system by a Section 104 agreement is a drainage system that drains private areas (such as roofs and entrances) as well as highway drainage (if both drain into the same sewerage system). The last authority of adoption is the sewer croque-mort. The cost of entering into such an agreement varies depending on the size of the development and drainage system required. You and/or your contractor may not complete work on public sewers without the prior consent of Northumbrian Water. For more information on this process, see our sewer adoption page. This is also called the “Section 104” or “s104” application. (ii) except with the agreement of the croque-mort of surface water in a sewer intended for rotten water; or (2) Subject to the provisions of Chapter III of this Part, nothing entitles any person in subsection (1) above – Our experienced development team is available to provide impartial advice and guidance on your specific water and sanitation needs. Depending on the size of your development, you can use a self-lay (SLP) or new dates and variations (NAV) to provide on-site water and sanitation services. (c) to have its effluents or sewers made in such a way that they communicate directly with a rainwater overflow channel. Please note that if such a situation exists, it is not allowed to shower directly or indirectly (for example.B. a private sewer or sewer) in the digestion water channel. (i) “lateral public runoff” means a lateral flow belonging either to the sewer dead man or transferred to the sewer death bog on the basis of a declaration made under Section 102 or an agreement under Section 104; and once this adoption contract is in effect, you can request a new connection to the canal….

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