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There are no rules on who could be a guarantor. In practice, potential guarantors are more likely to be accepted if they have signed all the common guarantors, they can be sued individually or collectively. I am returning to the UK after five years. I`ve saved a lot of money. But asking one of my siblings to be a guarantor is not going very well. I am not a skier, both my parents have died and have inherited part of the will. I read the advice above, but if a brother becomes a guarantor and a resident destroys the place, the guarantor is responsible in the end. That`s one of the reasons I wouldn`t share a house. But for me, there is no incentive to be a guarantor. I am a British citizen and I signed up for yes2dss, but it would be almost impossible to find a guarantor. In these difficult times, who would engage with sensual meaning in favour of such an agreement? As many of you have pointed out, you can have an agreement, but it is your word against that of the owner. Before the agreement, potential guarantors should consider the possible extent of their liability if it relates to it: I am a guarantor and I want you to answer a question for me. Can the landlord take money from my account to the tenant without consent and any warning this could cause you a problem if you come from abroad – for example, if you are an international student.

If you don`t get a deposit that lives in Britain, you may be asked to pay more rent in advance. If you don`t pay what you owe your landlord, you can ask your deposit to pay. If your deposit does not pay, your landlord can take it to court. House Sharing, TENANCY AGREEMENTS AND GUARANTORS If the carpet that was ruined was in Toby`s comrades` room, you still have the right to sue Toby`s parents, even if it wasn`t Toby`s fault. And you can do it if Toby`s parents` chances of recovery are better. It`s hard for tenants and guarantors, but it`s not up to you to arbitrate between tenants and their guarantors or chase away many different guarantors for money owed to you! The alternative is of course that each tenant signs individual agreements for his room and for the sharing of common spaces.

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