This recent homeschooling/life groove we are in is something else. There is love. There is cooperation. There are chores without (tons of) complaint. There is some seriously passionate and explorative learning going on. There is patience with self and with others. And it’s lasting… like a while. (Knock on wood.) All of this makes for a more chilled out mom (or did my chilling out cause this?)

I’ll tell you what has made all the difference: It has been my willingness to put the more important things first. To lean in and to have massive, radical faith that the math skills will eventually come. The reading finesse will get there. The handwriting will improve (if they care about it, and if they don’t, do I? Should I?).

I am spending more lesson time on relationships. Faith. Life skills. Peacemaking. Meditation. How to love & serve others.

But what if there’s no time left at the end of the day for science?

*—delete that thought—*

What do they REALLY need right now?

In this world where so many have forgotten empathy. This day and age when considering someone else’s point of view with an open mind is becoming a lost art. When seeking to be understood seems to be more important to most than seeking understanding.

What do they REALLY need right NOW?

And so we hold hands. We walk & talk. We cook together. We read aloud rich, delicious literature. We practice empathy & forgiveness. We find ways to serve each other.

And this mom practices faith. The kind of faith that doesn’t come naturally, but takes reminding myself almost every 10 minutes that I need to keep this perspective. Faith in the process. Faith that the rest will come. Faith that when they want to learn the secular, they will.

And they are. In their own time. In their own exciting and passionate ways. And it’s magical to witness.

So as time goes on, it’s requiring less and less faith and more and more knowing. Knowing that there are other successful ways of educating than the way I was educated.

This will work.
This is working.
This worked.

Lean in. Focus on what matters right now. What do they really need most right now? Listen. 

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