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Due to the need to address the financial challenges associated with the continuation of the pandemic, Frostburg State University worked with its AFSCME and FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) tariff units. An agreement has been reached with the FOP. No agreement has been reached with AFSCME. On Wednesday, the FSU announced to 12 AFSCME staff that they would be fired in 90 days. This action was taken on the basis of the collective agreement with AFSCME. In addition, non-unionized workers were informed on Friday that they would receive temporary wage cuts from the next pay period. 9.4 Further consultations may take place between UNION representatives and the President or the representative or clerk or representative, depending on the agreement reached. Similarly, there is nothing to prevent the above information from being less frequent by mutual agreement. 26.2.5 Calculating the campus benefit pool: the value of all earnings on each campus consists of the indicated percentage of the aggregate of all salary of campus rate unit members as an “instant date” referred to in Section 26.2.1. (6) Once the dismissal is made for financial reasons, the employer or bargaining member may, by mutual agreement, shorten the notice by accepting a lump sum payment of sixty (60) per cent of the weekly salary of the member of the rate unit for each week during which the notice is shortened. 33.1 If necessary, departmental staff committees and scientific administration officials evaluate all members of the bargaining units each year in accordance with the master schedule of each campus.

26.2.9 Specific Principles for Benefit Allocation: By October 1 of each year, the staff committee of each division and the dean/director of each division disseminate to the members of the bargaining units, within their respective units, the principles under which merit awards are established for pools A or.B. These principles should not be complained about. 30.3 The administration is seeking funding for this agreement in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 150E, Section 7. If the additional specific, complete and identifiable funding is not fully provided annually in this agreement, the costs are reimbursed to the parties for the continuation of the negotiations. e) Any NTT faculty that received a new title at the beginning of the spring semester of 2015, in accordance with the previous agreement, must be automatically rebalanced on the basis of the title won from 27 January 2015. 10.Delayed questions: It was agreed to postpone the following negotiations after the agreement: This agreement will be concluded by and between the University of Massachusetts Boston (University) and the Faculty Staff Union/MTA/NEA (Union) in the final agreement of Article 21 (Boston) follow-up negotiations for 2014 – 2017 collective bargaining and in the settlement of the complaints mentioned below. The terms of section 21 of the 2014-17 collective agreement apply to all members of the tariff unit listed below, in addition to the amendments contained in the current agreement. The parties heresafter agree: 26.7 Wage increases. Under current practice, the administration may grant salary increases to members of the collective agreement unit in response to an alternative job offer or the employment of a member of a bargaining unit by another employer. These salary increases are not subject to the provisions of Articles 26.1 to 26.2 of this agreement. Departmental staff committees will have the opportunity to decide on these increases before they are implemented and a list of these increases will be presented to the EU each year.

These increases are not subject to Article 25, the appeal procedure.

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