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Do not hurry to choose the most argued aspect. If you`ve gathered enough evidence of a rarely discussed problem around your topic and essay goal, focus on that. Hi, Liz! I will have an IELTS test next week, but I am still confused by the Agree-Disagree trial. Hello Liz and thank you for all the information you give us!! I would like to ask you the question. Can I add examples of my personal experience in this kind of essay? or do I give my opinion on the introduction and nowhere else? Yes of course. This is a partial agreement (or a balanced approach). This means that you agree to some extent, but not 100%. So you would explain what you agree with and then add what remains to be taken into consideration. I find this approach sometimes very useful because it is easier to come up with unique ideas for each body sale, which leads to a more concentrated essay and also a better palette of languages. Look at my Advanced Writing Task 2 lessons if you want more training: Hey Liz, it`s Mr. Jasjit singh here and I work as an IELTS coach in a company. In this regard, I would like to point out that you used “sporty children” in the body parade – 2 of the essay, although the word SPORTY is informal.

In accordance with the parameters of the mark, the informal language should in principle not be used when writing the test, under penalty. Do you think it is worthy of use by candidates? You need to have enough points for your particular readership to really recognize your point of view. It will be a great attempt at argument. Managing bias in writing and in everyday life can be a useful ability. It allows you to express your own views while defending yourself against unreasonable views. The ideal in compelling writing is to inform your reader of your bias, but don`t be blinded by this bias to the main components of good reasoning: solid, thoughtful evidence and respectful and reasonable discourse from opposing pages. Convincing trials have no sales limits. You can write a main sale to explain your position, and another paragraph – to describe the counter-arguments of your opponents and why you disagree. Or you can write 2-3-4 paragraphs with arguments and counter-arguments to convince readers. The following formula for organizing a convincing essay may be a formula you are familiar with.

It will present a compelling argument to your reader, because your discussion is well rounded and in-depth and you leave your audience at the end with your point of view. Remember to consider each of these components in these paragraphs rather than paragraphs, as you probably want to discuss several ideas that support your point of view to make it more compelling. An opinion essay is not a discussion essay. This essay does not invite you to discuss the health care system. This asks you if you think the problem of obesity in the health system can be solved by increasing physical education classes in schools – do you agree with this solution? In the whole of your essay from start to finish, this is your opinion on the solutions to the problem.

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