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21.1 This contract defines the entire agreement between the contracting parties. Neither party entered into this contract on the basis of the other party`s insurance, guarantee or commitment, which is not explicitly stated or mentioned in this contract. This article does not exclude any liability in case of fraudulent misrepresentation. [Option, add if applicable: “This contract replaces any agreement or prior agreement regarding its purpose.] 17.4 The parties fail to reach an agreement on the review requested in the interim [Indication of Time 17.3 Each party considers, in good faith, any amendments seriously proposed by the other party in the interest of relations between the parties. Whether you are importing or exporting goods, commercial agreements must be reached between the person you are buying or selling to, and the following key points must be included in these agreements: [Alternative: 5.2 The cost of agreed advertising campaigns is divided between the provision for dispute resolution: if a product is defective or if there is a misunderstanding about an aspect of the sales or sale contract , what is the process used to resolve differences of opinion? It is rare for the importer to accept the exporter`s first offer and, normally, this first offer is followed by a series of counter-offers sent between the exporter and the importer until each party is satisfied with the terms of the final offer and agrees to comply. Discounts and commissions. Specific amount of the discount or commission to be paid and by whom (by the exporter or by the importer). Determine the basis for calculating the commission to be applied and the applicable rate. Reduction or commission rates may or may not be included in the export price agreed by the exporter and importer. Terms and conditions of sale must be written clearly and unambiguously. They are written either in the language of the buyer`s country or in English.

The exporter must engage in the essentials and highlight key issues such as price, payment terms, delivery time and dispute resolution arrangements. maker. The order must not contain a shipping date of less than – than the date on which the order is sent to the manufacturer. Once the order is received, the manufacturer will refuse or accept the order in writing within a period of time and will inform the distributor of its decision in accordance with the section of this agreement.

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